úterý 1. září 2009

Mobicents team meeting in Brno 2009 & achievements in productization of jbcp

This was the first time I had chance to meet face to face my team-mates from mobicents team. This was a great chance for me to meet others, work together and have fun together. For those of you who are not familiar with the mobicents project, please visit the following link:
I am the one who has a part of responsibility in the turning the community project into the product, which is aimed to be supported by RedHat. https://www.redhat.com/solutions/telco/jbcp/
What were the main areas I have touched in my presentation ?
- Introduction of the achievements of productization in the past 6 moths
- Creation of the jbcp 1.2.1 release, which was following established process
- Challenges of productization

During the past 6 months I was working on the productization process for JBCP, trying more less follow the other well established products processes like EAP or SOA.
We have introduced the product branch for jbcp 1.2.x, which can be found at:
We do have continuous integration running on the product branch and spotting for the bugs as an early notifications with plenty of unit test completing.
Tool for overseeing the API's used within the jbcp product was introduced, aiming on no populating API's with dirty code.
Tool for producing the One Off patches was introduced

With all those "little steps" we are coming closer to the ultimate goal, which is the well established process of making product of jbcp, taking Mobicents modules and turning them into good&supported product (with making sure of modules are productive ready and with stripping those they are only experimental features)

All other teams across the whole product live-cycle are doing the great job, never less there is much more space for improving the things such as communication and cooperation's with others involved.
We need to become stronger in the preparation of the plans for our product and trying to make schedules precisely.
We need to go further with the separation between the product and project in the terms of resources, support, customers.
The ultimate challenge is increasing the number of the satisfied customers, who are relying on the great support we can provide.

So, this was about the work part and I can honestly say, we did good, we worked hard and achieved all what was on the agenda.

Look how tired can it be:

Last, but not least we have had some fun of course.

We lost the game, but we did play a good soccer !

So, guys cheers then and hope we meet at some other place next time !

Maybe in...

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