čtvrtek 7. října 2010

Mobicents F2F meeting, Antalya Turkey 2010

Once again, time of the year come to meet all team members from Mobicents. This year we have chosen the great place to meet - Turkey. I have never been to Turkey before, so I was a bit excited about the country and people living there. This place was picked up due to several reasons, which one of the most concerning me (probably others as well ;) ), was:"I will finally meet Oleg, my colleague from Russia".
The schedule for the conference was very tight, as is always, when you have many interesting topics to cover. My focus was on the productization process for the Jboss Communications Platform (based on Mobicents project). On the last year f2f meeting I focused more or less on the introduction of the process itself. This year I tried to summarize, what went good, what went wrong, what was the lessons learned and how do we handle productization process at all nowadays.
During the past year we did accomplish bunch of the releases (Cumulative Patches) for jbcp 1.2.x product and we did releases of jbcp 5 form Alpha to CR01 release (based on EAP 5.0.1).
Besides of taking care of the preparing releases - btw, did I tell you Productization is in fact the process of turning projects into supported products, well this is quite general definition, but for illustration good enough - I did work on the various productization tools to speed up and simplify productization process. On the community side I was trying to take care about project roadmaps and help on the planning for the project releases. However, this may not sound very interesting, this part of the projects is very important for the product side and has deep impacts if not handled carefully.
During past year, we have settled quite well with the roadmaps and this is a step forward. I was involved as well in the Incubator preparation, what is other of the improvements, which will help to make projects mature enough before they come stable. You might be familiar for example with Apache incubator or other ones, so Mobicents Incubator is the place, where Mobicents baby projects grow up.
And finally during past year I have prepared a relase & build process for jbcp 5 product, which is improved and more following the way EAP, SOA-P or EPP does productization.

In fact I did really enjoy f2f meeting and I have to close with a word of classic:
"It's not fair" we do have only one week per year to meet all together.

Well on the other hand, would I be able to handle it ? ;)

Here are some photos, how great time it was...

See you guys next year !

pátek 5. února 2010

Time to celebrate my first year with Mobicents

Wow, this was a great year !
I can not remember from my past experience any of the year, which has fleet away so fast as this one. There has been many of the things happening and most of them I have really enjoyed. Few couple months from beginning were quite hard. Time to settle down everything and find out how the things are working took quite long, but I enjoyed! It is good to remember here, the Productization meeting at Newcastle, which helped me a lot. To meet the guys, working on the same things for various platforms/projects was inspiring.
We have established a process for the regular incremental patches of our Mobicents/ JBCP platform and even going through difficulties, we have delivered our distributions.
Meeting of the other team-mates in August was great time to enjoy the fact, that although I am here alone in Brno, there are other guys worldwide playing the same game as I do.
Cheers guys ! :)
Great experience for me was as well a RedHat developer conference here in Brno, where I had a chance to introduce Mobicents during my presentation.

Looking forward to next year, I am sure will be great :)

čtvrtek 28. ledna 2010

Mobicents automated roadmaps are generated from gcode issues

For a very long time we have been using mobicents spreadsheet
I was searching for any consistent, up-to-date roadmap information for various modules of Slee, Sip Servlets, Diameter. I do not want argue, how bad, or good this was, but I think we can agree on the fact, this approach was not bringing us a big value.

It is the time to introduce, how we deal with roadmap management for Mobicents now. First of all have a look at SipServlets roadmap and JainSLEE roadmap and check the roadmap's yourself.
Current roadmap management we use, bring us consistent, up-to-date and what is most important flexible way, how to handle roadmap. There is no need to remember, when You, as developers, deal with any of the issues, update some sheets or any extra place, to keep roadmap consistent. Only need is to manage gcode issue and roadmap is every day automatically generated and updated accordingly with the most recent changes and updates.
We can follow (observe) such roadmap every day progress or weekly progress, as you like, to check, whether the issue has been started updated or not.

When you are interested in more details, how this works you can check documentation for automated roadmap tool. (This documentation is being updated, so you may expect some progress on it).

Currently, we do have Slee and Sip Servlets modules and Diameter with Media server modules are coming soon.

check for yourself !