pátek 26. června 2009

Finacial crisis ? No, the Men kind crisis

It is a Friday, just my last day in the office before I go to vacation. I started to read a blog about the economic situation. This was very interesting article and it hit me to respond to this article and suddenly I have realise: "This is a wow topic and I want to express a little more of myself to this problem, so .. I started this article".
Whole world, the people, from everywhere are discussing the crisis, and what is much worst, a lot of them is feeling the crisis itself by loosing their jobs. The article I was reading and which hit me to write this post, was describing, how the economic theories are no valuable any more, how lots of people with the Nobel prises are discussing etc.
You know, what ? I don't think this is only about ECONOMY. What the hell, why the people think, that the whole world is about money. Do you think this is "child view". Say to me: "grow first, and you realize that whole world is about money"? Surely, you are right. But lest go a little deep and I will show you, this is not only about money.
In our global world, we are more than 30-40 years trying to catch up the bi-polarization between the "third world countries" and "good situated countries". Did wee succeed ? No I do not think so. We are rich and they are poor. Now you may think, what this has together with the crisis... a lot.
Nowadays I am quite rich guy with well situated family, good job and house for mortgage. Yes... well done. But, I do realize, that need of having 4 TV's at home is no worth a penny. I am fine with one TV, I do not need to buy the fourth one. So, in our "rich countries" there is quite a lot of people thinking the same way, I would say quite enough to get the TV developers into the trouble, that they will not sell as much as they thought.
On the other hand the people from the "poor countries", they are not going to buy the TV, because they do not have enough money to buy food.
So, where do I lead you ? I want to show, that we have reached the crisis of the people consumption and that we do not sell more TV's cars etc, if the people does not want to buy.
Today world people are used to apply for mortgage to pay up Their living and all of us, We are living on debt. Do you think we pay up the debt once ? NEVER !!! Therefore we are not producing any value, we are just promising we will pay.
It is time about to start thinking about the new ways, how to live for the future. You know the old traditionalist, they will tell you, that this is only economic recession, and that it will be over soon. NOT TRUE !
Just think about it....
Think about, what will happen when consume all the resources, what we have : oil, coil, but the worst one.. water
Do you say: "This does not affect me, and my children, hopefully not, and grand children "... who cares, we will be dead at that time.
Think about it...
About the new approach, we must find out to get out of the crisis, BUT not from the economic crisis, but the men kind crisis.

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