středa 13. dubna 2011

Mobicents on Brno RH Open House 2011

Every year RedHat office in Brno prepares an Open House event, which is primarily aimed for young people, mostly students, to come in our RH office and check what projects we do and what would be their interests.
This year also Mobicents was one of the topics presented to our visitors. Despite the fact timeslot of Mobicents presentation was quite late (18:30 local time), around 10 people came to presentation. Presentation itself went quite OK, with interesting questions. At the end I showed an example of simple phone-call initiated from Click2Call application, using my Nokia E51 mobile device and Linpnone on my laptop - turning speakers on my laptop too loud and hearing echo :) All the call flow messages were traced with Wireshark to show how they are routed.
It is nice event to have and see people interested what we do. During afternoon I got a special visit - all my family came to office to see where I sit and how does it look like at my working place.

See you next year on RH Open House 2012 !

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